Filter Fabric & Belt

Product Image (Polyester Plain Woven Filter Belt)

Polyester Plain Woven Filter Fabric Belt

Price: 2000 USD ($)/Piece

The polyester plain filter fabrics are also called linear screen cloth or polyester mesh conveyor belts. The weaving pattern is 2-shed and 3-shed available in various meshes, caliper, GSM, and air permeability for different applications. They are widely used in various industries as dryer fabrics, conveyor belts, filter cloth,s and food & vegetable drying.

Product Image (Polyester Anti-Static Mesh Belt )

Polyester Anti-Static Mesh Belt

Price: 2000 USD ($)/Piece

The polyester anti-static fabric is liable to generate friction electrostatic when the equipment is running at high speed. There is a conductive fiber through the polyester anti-static fabrics which can release the friction electrostatic, thus play a role on anti-static. Although the static current is usually of low intensity, it can be the cause of problems like when light pieces of product stay adhered to the surface of the belt which reduces the efficiency and product quality, or combustion risk in environments sensitive to deflagration. Polyester anti-static fabrics are mainly used in environmental protection, high-density board making, rubber, and chemical industry.

Product Image (Polyester Spiral Press Filter Fabric Belt)

Polyester Spiral Press Filter Fabric Belt

Price: 2000 USD ($)/Piece

Polyester Spiral Press Filter Belts are made with spiral dryer fabrics with extra filler yarns inserted in the spiral loops to reduce the air permeability and less material loss on the surface of the fabric. Polyester Spiral Press Filter Belt is also a monofilament polyester fabric but not like a woven fabric, instead this is a polyester fabric with spiral twisted wires where pins hold the spirals together like a chain.

Product Image (vacuum filter belt )

Polyester Vacuum FGD Filter Belt

Price: 2000 USD ($)/Piece

The vacuum filter belt is also called the flue gas desulfurization filter belt. Vacuum filter belts are specifically designed for the separation of solids from fluids in horizontal belt filter systems. Vacuum Filter Belt is mainly used for FGD in power plant, mine tailings disposal, metallurgical, chemical, coal chemical industries, and Vacuum Filter Belt can also be used in food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, and other solid-liquid separation industries.

Product Image (Polyester Alkali Resistant Mesh Belt)

Industrial Polyester Alkali Resistant Mesh Belt

Price: 2000 USD ($)/Piece

The alkali-resistant mesh belt adopts a professional and unique design, which is mainly made of nylon and PPS monofilament. Its working temperature can reach over 100, and its alkali resistance is> 20% (20% sodium hydroxide). It is made of high-quality nylon and PPS monofilament has the characteristics of high tensile strength and high wear resistance.

Product Image (Sludge Dewatering Belt)

Polyester Sludge Dewatering Belt

Price: 2000 USD ($)/Piece

Sludge Dehydration Fabrics, also called Press-filter fabrics, are mainly used for sludge dehydration, paper pulp and juice squeeze, mine smelting, mine tailing disposal and other pressure filtration industries. The Sludge Dehydration Fabrics have the characteristics of good water permeability, air permeability and non-revealed sludge, acid-resizing, and alkali-resisting. Because polyester press-filter fabrics of their designing the structure, the sludge can be peeled off easily from the filter cake, so the screen is easily cleaned and have a long working time. Polyester press-filter fabrics mainly match with belt type filter press, vacuum rubber belt filter, and horizontal vacuum belt filter.

Product Image (Polyester Anti-Static Spin Belt )

Polyester Anti-Static Spin Belt For Spunlace And Spunbond Fabric Production

Price: 20 USD ($)/Square Meter

Material 100% polyester or polyester and stainless steel Colour White,Red,Blue,Green,Black,etc Mainly used for the production of spunlaced nonwoven fabric.


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