NC Cut-Off Knife

Product Image (NC Cut-off Blade)

NC Cut-off Blade For Cardboard Cross Cutter Machine

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Piece

We specialized in Mechanical Cut-off Blade,serrated blade,mill saw cutting blade and So on) Spiral blade, NC cut-off blade,spiral serrated blade,Helical sheet knife, slitting cutters, Slotting knife ,Core-Cutting-Industrial-Knives-Burst-Slitter-Knives-, Cutting knife for Honeycomb cardboard,etc. We can customize on your design drawing and special requirement.

Product Image (HT- NC Cut-Off Blade)

Nc Cut-off Blade for Cutting Corrugated Cardboard

Price: 900 USD ($)/Piece

We specialized in supplying Mechanical Cut-off Blade, serrated blades, mill saw cutting blades, and so on) Spiral blades, NC cut-off blades, Spiral serrated blades, Helical sheet knives, Slitting cutters, Slotting knives, Core-Cutting-Industrial-Knives-Burst-Slitter-Knives, Cutting knife for Honeycomb cardboard, etc. We can customize your design drawing and special requirement.


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