Corugated Packaging Machine And Parts

This array of Corrugated packaging machines and parts is well known for its high output and low operating cost. AC powered three phase belt bunding systems of this category feature PLC controlled mechanism for high productivity,. High automation degree of this array of machines not only boosts productivity, but also ensures to maintain quality of produced goods. Automatic strapping solutions of this category use advanced photo sensor and high strength roller conveyor to upgrade their performance. These strapping systems can strap 210 mm wide and 80 mm high packaging within 2.5 second. Provided range of Corrugated packaging machines are highly productive and their maintenance charge is quite affordable.
Product Image (HT-Automatic Strapping Machine)

Automatic Strapping Machine

Price: 30000 USD ($)/Set

Customized arch full automatic powerful roller conveying cartons case box PP strapping machine is one of the fully automatic strapping machines with powerful roller conveyor. Will pack cartons automatically. 1x2x3 straps are adjustable by the photo sensor. And the arch size of the strapping machine can be customized according to your product width, and height.

Product Image (HT-PE Bunding Machine)

PE Bunding Machine

Price: 30000 USD ($)/Set

The box body is fed into the main body of the automatic PE baler by the roller, the rear end of the box body passes through the electron beam sensor, the rear side paper gauge starts to start, and the pressing plate starts to fall, and the box body is squeezed. While the pressing plate is lowered, the pusher handle is pulled out by the air cylinder, the friction plate is connected, and the automatic PE baler starts to start.

Product Image (HT-Polyurethane Anvil Cover)

Polyurethane Anvil Cover

Price: 150 USD ($)/Piece

PU/Polyurethane Anvil Cover 1. Manufactured by high-quality polyurethane 2. With the advantages of abrasion resistance, good hardness, tear resistance, high processing precision, tightened lock catch, and long service life. 3. Convenient replacing, easy installation and removal. Taking only 15 minutes to replace for time saving and efficiency. 4. Complete specifications adapted for various models of printing machines.

Product Image (HT-Rotary Die-cutting Machine )

Rotary Die-cutting Machine

Price: 15000 USD ($)/Set

Rotary Roller Die-cutting Machine, Applicable to all kinds of die-cutting and various special-shaped corrugated cardboard packaging. It has high efficiency, energy saving, and safety features.

Product Image (HT-Automatic Folder Gluer Machine)

Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

Price: 45000 USD ($)/Set

The folder gluer is mainly suitable for small packagings, such as cosmetics, CD bags, express bags, square and hexagonal boxes, and other cardboard, and micro-corrugated packaging.


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