Our Team

We are strengthened by almost 1500 employees who with their collaborative work paves the way for our enduring business success. Our employees are competent, well versed with modern technology and experienced in their individual fields. Empowered through constant instruction, training and supervision, these employees help us meet needs of international customers looking for products like Corrugator Machine Parts and Aerogel Blanket in the best possible manner

Our Philosophy

We are an ethical company that strives for perfection while conforming to good practices and offering our respect and compassion to everyone. As we cater to specific needs of clients hailing from different industries, we ensure that we never sacrifice on our ethics and moral business practices. Our aim is to rely on our conscientiousness and integrity and take brand Huatao to the forefront of the global market.

Why Us?

Since our business inception in 2001, we have been exploring newer markets. Over the years, we have expanded our business footprint to over 60 countries where we have countless clients preferring us as their trusted partner. Factors behind our long history of satisfying global clients are:

  • Our Factory: We can build products meeting demands of both residential and commercial applications because of our state-of-the-art factory build in accordance to the prescribed codes of the manufacturing industry. Various advanced resources have been deployed at the setup, including different production lines like Geosynthetic Fabric Production Lines, Industrial Fabrics Processing Plant, Paper Machine Clothing Production Lines, etc., to create top rated products. This is how we manage to create innovative products that are deemed reliable and cost competitive by our global clients.
  • Our Testing Unit: Our factory also encloses a testing cell where we have raw material testing equipment of the best model and make. Along with raw materials, each and every product manufactured like Corrugator Machine Parts and Aerogel Blanket is also checked and analyzed at this setup by our trained QC staff. Tested goods are re-evaluated using the most sophisticated inspection equipment and instruments before the final packaging and delivery. Our lab has top models of Laser Diameter Gauge, Strength Testing Machine, Abrasion Testing Machine, etc.

Future Goal

We wish to upgrade our facilities and resources to grow and expand our business and meet the stringent requirements of various industrial sectors like paper pulping industry, construction engineering or geotechnical building materials industry, sewage treatment industry, printing and packaging industry, aluminium extrusion, mining screen industry, metallurgy, etc., in the process.

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